Please verify your personal eligibility for sponsorship located on our Handbook page under the ‘specific chapter’ section.

All application forms should be printed, completed, and submitted to our office through mailing.

Freehorse Family Wellness Society must have your original application baring your original signature.

Application Forms :

to apply for funding please complete the Main Form, the Sponsorship History Form and the AIR form and submit to our offices.

Main Form (Application for Sponsorship)

Sponsorship History Form (Must be filled out by all students applying for sponsorship)

Course Summary Form. (Must be submitted with course registration)

Authorization Of Information Release (AIR) Form

2017-2018 Budget Form


Consent Forms :

The consent to release/obtain of personal information form must be filled out by all students. 

Student Consent to Release/Obtain Information Form  (Must be filled out by all students applying for sponsorship)

Institutions Consent Forms:

If you are attending/going to attend one of the following Institutions please fill out the appropriate consent form and submit it with your application:

The University of Alberta

Grant MacEwan University

Keyano College

Thompsons River University

Royal Roads University


Graduation Incentive Form :

We are currently only accepting a graduation incentive request for FFWS funded students graduating from their post secondary program in 2017. The graduation incentive can only be received once for each student. This form is due December 31, 2017. Please note that the graduation incentive is budget dependant and is never guaranteed.

Graduation Incentive Form