1. Am I Eligible for Funding?
Please refer to the eligibility portion of our handbook, posted on our website.
2. How do I find out if I am Bill C-31 or not?
This is something that we check for you. Even if you think you know if you have Bill C-31 status or not, we will still require you to fill out an Authorization of Information Release (AIR) Form, which we send to Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.
3. I have been funded by FFWS for a certificate program already and now I want to take a diploma, can you fund me?
If you have graduated from a certificate program in the past, regardless if FFWS funded you for it or not, you are no longer eligible for another Level 1 program (certificate or diploma). Once you have graduated from a level you cannot be funded for another program at that same level.
4. If I drop one course (down from 4 courses to 3 courses) will this affect my funding?
Maybe, but it is always a good idea to check with your funding officer before you drop any courses. For most schools full time status is 9 credits (3 courses) but FFWS make the final decision as to how many courses per term you must be registered in to be eligible for the monthly living allowance.
5. How do I know what documents you will need from me when I apply?
When you apply and we see that you, your program and your institution are eligible, your funding officer will send you a document request letter indicating what further documents we need from you and when we need them by.
6. How long does it take before I know if I am approved or not?
This depends on you. Once you receive the document request letter from your funding officer, nothing further will be done with your application until ALL of the requested documentation is received. The sooner you submit your documents the sooner you can get approved. Once all required documentation is received by FFWS, if there are funds still remaining, your funding officer will try to send you confirmation of funding approval within 1-2 weeks.
7. What is the deadline to apply for the Intersession?
March 15th
8. What is the deadline to apply for the Fall/Winter terms?
June 15th
9. What if I just want to apply for the Winter term?
The deadline to submit your application for just the Winter term is October 15th, however, we do not put money aside for students just taking this term. Therefore, it is in your best interest to apply as soon as possible.
10. If I live in Saskatchewan but my band is in Alberta and I am Bill C-31 can I still apply for funding with you?
Yes, as long as you have lived in Canada for the past 12 months (or left Canada for schooling purposes) you are eligible for funding.
11. Can you fund me when I am already half way through my degree?
12. Can I still get full funding from you if I have a student loan?
13. Can I work, either part-time or full-time, while I am being funded by FFWS?
Yes. We do not restrict this.
14. I’m applying to more than one program at more than one University, as I’m not sure I will be accepted to my first choice. What do I put on my application?
Put down the school and program you hope to go to on the application form. Your funding officer can change it for you if it changes. However, make sure you write your funding officer a note about the other school(s) and program(s) you have applied for, so they can make sure all schools and programs are eligible.
15. I want to take a one month course - can you fund me?
No, we only fund programs that are at least 8 months in length, with the exception of Academic Upgrading (College Preparation), where we can fund only one term (4 months) if this is all that is required.
16. Where else can I apply for funding besides FFWS?
Alberta Works, your Band, Oteenow, Student Loans
17. How do I apply for the Graduation Incentive?
Fill out the Graduation Incentive Request form, which can be found on our website under the Forms section.
18. I have a Bachelor of Arts and now I want to take a diploma program, can you fund me?
No, once you have graduated from a “higher” level, you cannot be funded for that level again or a “lower” level, regardless if you were funding by FFWS or not in the past. As you have graduated from a Level 2 program we cannot fund you for another Level 2 or a Level 1 program (a certificate or diploma). You are only eligible for funding at a level 3 (Masters or MD) or Level 4 (PhD) program.
19. What if I get my application in late?
FFWS does not accept any late applications for Intersession. However, if you get your application in late for the Fall and Winter terms your application will still be accepted but it becomes last priority and will not be looked at until ALL other applications have been considered for funding. Therefore, if your application is late there is a good chance we will not have funding for you.
20. What if I don’t have any legal documents concerning my child custody and I just have an agreement with the father concerning child support/custody?
We will send you an affidavit to be signed by you and a Commissioner for Oaths, to be signed in front of the Commissioner, stating that you do not have legal documents pertaining to your children but that you have sole custody of your children and you receive X amount of money from their father(s) every month for child support. We will also require your most recent Child tax benefit statement from Canada Revenue Agency that proves you have custody of the child.
21. I am a funded student and I just withdrew from all of my classes, now what do I do?
Contact your funding officer immediately – either in person, by phone and email. This way we can stop any payments that are scheduled to be sent to you. We will need a copy of your official withdrawal forms from the school, as soon as possible. You may be in an overpayment depending on the date of your withdrawal, which must be paid back to FFWS as soon as possible.
22. Can I receive funding if I have an outstanding overpayment?
No. While you can still apply for funding if you have an outstanding overpayment, it must be paid back in full before you are approved for further funding. Personal cheques and cash are NOT accepted. Only money orders or bank drafts are acceptable forms of payment. 
23. On the Student Consent to Release/Obtain Personal Information form what do I put down as the start and end date for my program?
Write down the first day of the month you are starting classes to the last day of the month you are ending classes, for only the sponsorship period you are applying for. So if you are applying for sponsorship for the Fall 2014/Winter 2015 academic year you would, most likely, put down September 1, 2014 to April 30, 2015.
24. How do I apply for funding?
The first step is to fill out an application form. You can come into our office (2nd Floor, 5333 – 91 Street) or print one from the Forms section of our website. You can fax or email the application to us, to make sure it arrives before the deadline, but please note we will need the original application (mailed) to fully process your request for sponsorship.